A program of works for flute and mixed media that works pulls apart the mechanisms at play in performing and instrumentality, rebuilding them with the architecture of the flutist’s at-work physiology, demanding extreme physical effort and a roaming palette of imaginative rapture. 



FL [Falsa Lectio] #2

                                  — Dmitri Kourliandski

Oxygen and Reality

                                  — Bethany Younge

eyam iii (if it's living somewhere outside of you)

                                 — Ann Cleare

Produktionsmittel I

                                 — Joan Arnau Pàmies

I dance in the morning until the sun finds me missing

                                 — Natacha Diels

Laura Cocks is a New York based flutist who works in a wide array of creative environments as a performer and promoter of contemporary music. Laura is the flutist and executive director of TAK ensemble, and a member of the Nouveau Classical Project and the Association of Dominican Classical Artists. She has performed across North and Latin America and Europe as a soloist and chamber musician in ensembles such as The London Sinfonietta, International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE), Wet Ink Ensemble, Ensemble Dal Niente, and Talea Ensemble. Laura can be heard with TAK, International Contemporary Ensemble, Wet Ink Ensemble, and others on labels such as Carrier Records, ECM, New Focus Recordings, Sound American, Denovali Records, Orange Mountain Music, Gold Bolus and others.


still images from the premiere of I dance in the morning until the sun finds me missing by Natacha Diels 

For the more information, including media samples, technical requirements, and program details please visit the Oxygen and Reality EPK here.